24 Jun

From Mama Kat’s writer’s workshop: What did they get into now? Describe a time your toddler got into something they shouldn’t have.

Oh this should be fun reliving!

Christmas 2010. Shealynn, who was only 2 1/2 at the time, got a Disney Princess makeup set from her Nana =/ Well we waited about 6 months to even let her see… I explained to her MANY times that ONLY MOMMY would do her makeup. Just like I had explained that she is to NEVER touch my makeup…

 So I finally took it down and did her makeup =]

She loved it! A couple of days after that she begged & BEGGED for me to do her makeup again… Only this time she wanted to use some of mommy’s makeup. (Being in the Marine Corps for four years I HARDLY EVER wore makeup, so since I’ve been out I’ve slowly expanded my collection… My newest addition was my MAC powder, concealer, eyeshadow & gel eyeliner – pretty pricey stuff!)

I gave in and gave her some pretty red lips and smoky eyes =]

Gorgeous right? That’s about as close as she’ll get to Toddlers and Tiaras! A couple of days later, Shealynn was supposed to be playing in her toy room and I was downstairs feeding Isabella… Shealynn peers over the banister and says in the guiltiest voice I have ever heard “Mommy, I didn’t do anything”

AGHHHH I FLIPPED!!!!!!  I ran upstairs and immediately burst into tears! I sounded like a 5 year old yelling at her! “You’re so mean! Why did you do that to mommy’s makeup?!?!?!?!?!”

Yeah… I’m still recovering!


22 Jun

Coincidence? At first, I thought so. But now it’s just WEIRD! I think it’s because of my birthday… That’s when the weird dates started. I was born on February 29. Yeah… LEAP YEAR! Then I enlisted in the Marine Corps on June 6, 2006 [6.6.6] My husband was born on Friday the 13th [January] My oldest Shealynn was due June 10th and ended up being born Friday the 13th. My youngest Isabella was due October 10th and I had her on the 13th! [Thank goodness it wasn’t a Friday] On 8.8.8 I was involved in a hit and run accident WITH A FIRETRUCK! [Talk about PTSD! You do NOT wanna be in a car with me when one of those bad boys drive by] On 9.9.9 I tangled with the wrong side of the law – Definitely leaving it at that! 10.10.10 DUE DATE! Doing jumping jacks, eating pineapple, “talking” with the hubby 😉 Everything short of taking a wire hanger and breaking my water myself! All I can say is come 11.11.11 I am locking myself in a padded room & with my luck I’ll be the only one that dies on 12.21.2012! Tell me about your too creepy to be a coincidence situations!

Father’s Day 2011

18 Jun

I had NO CLUE what to do for Father’s Day this year, it totally snuck up on me! What’s even worse is it’s only his fourth one! I still have SO MANY ahead of me =/ I just hope as they get older Sunday school will take care of that! For Joseph’s first Father’s Day he got Shealynn :] and I was stuck in a hospital bed recovering from 14 hours of labor and an emergency C-Section.  His second Father’s Day he got


[picture of him and Shea at the beach-on a canvas & easel] Last Father’s Day he got a leather watch box with his initials engraved on it… & this year… Well, this year he got a piece of cardboard! Last minute, the girls and I are frantically walking through Walmart [of all places] looking for something we can throw together, because unfortunately anything I would’ve ordered online wouldn’t be here by tomorrow. Then I saw it. One of those science project boards I avoided in high school… I grabbed it and ran up and down their poorly stocked “arts and crafts” aisle, grabbed some paint, glue, glitter & drove home to print some pictures… This, is the finished product =/


[I’m gonna need to be Chef Ramsey in the kitchen tomorrow! No breakfast in bed will make up for this] Aghhh I really hope he likes it! Maybe I’ll pay for him to get a massage or something… HAPPY FATHER’S DAY GUYS!

Dandelion Darlings

14 Jun

Handmade Wipe cases. Headbands. Flower flip flops. Flower clips

Wipe cases $20

Headbands $15

Flower flip flops $10

Flower clips $5-$7


Any color! Any theme!

Comment with your requests or

Email me at ashley.cuen@yahoo.com or





Popping my [blog] cherry. A little about ME

14 Jun

I’m not gonna lie writing this is like walking through a dark huanted house all alone  REALLY exciting =/ I mean what could be so bad about putting my life out there for complete strangers to judge  read? Well here it goes =] My name is Ashley. I am 23. Former Marine [OORAH] I have FOUR beautiful children all under the age of 4… All in carseats & 3 in diapers & I have completely lost my mind am enjoying every minute of it! Okay okay… I have 2 beautiful little girls [Shealynn Amaya – 3] & [Isabella Grace – 8mo]


My husband Joseph and I have been together for 4 very umm, interesting years… Yeah. My BFF [Alexis] joined the Air Force a year after I joined the Marines and has 2 AMAZING little ones [Isaiah Anthony – 19mo] & [Iyonna Aliciea – 8mo] Alexis is deploying to Korea for a year and the hubby and I will be taking care of her 2 kiddos till July 2012. This blog will take you on this roller coaster jouney with me. I just pray I keep SOME of my sanity the good Lord blesses us. Keep us in your prayers! Oh & THANKS for reading =]